About Us

We Backup Technical Services L.L.C Company focus on the Emergency Lighting Systems Supply and Maintenance Services. Our skilled experienced engineers, technicians have their Dubai Civil Defense certification and have been carrying out these services in Emirates for the last 15 years and catered many of the reputed projects.

The company strategy is to establish a business providing complete emergency lighting service to meet the safety, design, technical support, supply and service demands of our precious customers.In addition to the above, we are also dealing in all types of Lighting supplies,UPS system, Batteries procured from the most reputed companies all over the world.

The issue of liability faces every building owner and facilities manager, regardless the type of facility the number of people who occupy it. Many building owners depend on in-house maintenance staff to perform checks on emergency lighting systems. Most maintenance workers do not have time, or experience to provide regular and proper maintenance of these critical life-safety systems. Untrained personnel do not have the ability to check battery discharge rates or determine if a charger circuit is charging properly.

Building owners have learned that regular service and the upgrading of emergency lighting equipment can drastically reduce their labor, maintenance, installation and utility cost; thus, reducing their operating budgets while increasing the safety of their facilities. Outsourcing the maintenance of emergency lighting equipment with an expert firm is economical and labor saving, not to mention, it assures that everything will work when it is needed.

Our team is one of the strongest pillars in the organization. A group of highly experienced and qualified professional Engineers backed with skilled work force with adequate equipments and machinery to undertake Electrical, Mechanical , Plumbing ,Flooring, Carpentry & wall paper Project Works is always battle ready to meet the ever demanding customer requirements. This commitment of ours is the base of our long term relationships with our customers.

Quality and Safety

Our Quality Policy :

BACKUP operates its business with an effective Quality Management System (QMS) and aims to become one among the leading Emergency lighting system maintenance team. With the help of this tool, the company commits to continuously meet and exceed the quality standard requirements of our customers, industry regulators and the communities within which the company operations are conducted.

The Management and Staff of BACKUP are well committed and strive hard to

  • Provide quality and value added services to our valued customers on time and within budget.
  • Identify the changing needs and expectations of our customers, employees, sub contractors and vendors.
  • Maintain and improve continually the company’s processes and procedures which ensure that these changes can be accommodated.
  • Induct and train all our staff, sub contractors and vendors in accordance with the requirements of our Quality Management System to meet our policy requirements.
  • Monitor our system performance through regular internal audits and take necessary corrective measures to improve the system so as to achieve the required performance.

Our Safety Policy :

BACK UP TECHNICAL SERVICES LLC safety policy is to ensure, the healthy, safety and welfare of everyone engaged in its activities, particularly the need to eliminate risks before health is damaged and before accidents occur. All personnel shall be expected to play a positive part in achieving this end.

The company will provide and maintain safe and health working conditions, and systems of work so far as reasonably practicable for all our employees and to provide such information and supervision as they need for this purpose.

The extent of the responsibility to be carried by the various parties will vary in individual circumstances depending on the kind of activity being undertaken and the place of work.

In each particular case the prime responsibility for health, safety and welfare will rest with those best able to exercise it by reason of their proximity to the hazards, their knowledge, their experience, their skills, their positions of authority, their statutory and contractual obligations and such similar and relevant criteria.


All type of Central battery emergency lighting system, Spares & Luminaires.

Self contained Emergency light fittings.

AC & DC UPS system - Supply, Installation and maintenance.

Batteries & battery charger –Industrial and commercial Application –Emergency Lighting system, UPS, Fire Alarm, Tele communication, Solar power system& Ship communication etc.


Exit & Emergency lighting

Light fixture- Indoor / Outdoor - We procure quality products from trusted manufacturers and authorized dealers spread all across the world.

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