Head behind the short rock wall, crouch and move slowly along the wall to get the "Search Chest" icon. Massive working mine with busy miners and miner quarters. In the cave all the ore is located behind the waterfall. No special puzzles. First quest is to fetch him Black-Briar mead. The book is located in the Embershard mine, past the bridge area and cells, on a table in the nook containing three sleeping bags. Lowering the bridge is a spawn trigger. I even took a small detour to the other side of the river around Anniss cabin (forget her … New bridge-dock just outside of Riverwood that gives access to the property. For the first time in many hours playing i was ambushed by an Alpha wolf round the Embershard Mine area has this happened to anyone else ?, also again in my many hours, for the first time i come across mercenaries at GoldenGlow Estate, that will come out on the bridge and attack me, even if i swim under the bridge, is this supposed to happen ?, i'm only level 1 and don't belong to any guilds yet. But Embershard mine has two enterances/exits. Finally got my Skyrim to load through MO2. Mysterious and dangerous caverns to explore. Half-Moon Mill, north of Falkreath; ... cross the bridge and turn left up a hill where there should be some half dead trees, there will be a Silver Veil connected to the rock. ... Lost Prospect Mine, East of Rifton North of the mountains. Turn east before the bridge and, where the cobblestone road ends, head down the grade to the next bridge. Clearing Embershard Mine at levels 3-4 First time playing Requiem, so apologies if I'm pointing out something blatantly obvious (I did search the Reddit to see if anyone had made the same observation first), but I found a decent if grindy way for mages or rogues to clear out Embershard Mine … Head over there and kill the bandit hanging around outside then head in. It's got only one trap, some low level treasury, a Clairvoyance Spellbook. Don't cross the bridge. (See image) Alternatively, you can use the console to search "help directory" and with the ID number, add the item to yourself with the command "player.additem [ID NUMBER] [QUANTITY]" (sans brackets and quotations). 2 Map Markers, points for fast-travel. One is closer to Riverwood and is just a cave. Embershard Mine is perhaps a bit less than medium sized mine with regular bandits and one "boss" bandit, which is a bit tougher. Searching round the topic suggests ` it's a physics issue solved in Flatrim by limiting frame rate to 60 fps - obviously not ideal for VR - has anyone come accross this in VR? Second is to kill the bandit leader; however, he keeps trying to send me to Embershard. (Listen to the snores of sleeping miners during bedtime.) I hate spawn triggers. NOW, on the road right after the Embershard mine before Riverwood, Skyrim just closes the window with no errors or window. Embershard Mine, located southeast of Riverwood. Well over 30 days have passed since I've entered yet it hasn't respawned. Now we understand that, let's look at the bandits that spawn there. I've cleared Embershard Mine right at the start of the game. The largest mine in Skyrim! I have a save right in front of Siddgeir. However - in Embershard Mine there's a 'drop bridge' which I can't cross due to either falling through the bridge of pushing up against an invisible wall. The other is a mine enterance with a guard, closer to the Guardian standing stones. When you enter to the Embershard Mine, there is one bandit guarding, take him down and head inside. Storage - Cloud & Linked Cloud Embershard Mine is over to the northeast, by the Guardian Stones.